Gardiners of Scotland Glengoyne Handmade Single Highland Malt Whisky Fudge   $44.99

One 10.5 ounce tin,Handmade single highland malt Scotch whiskey. CLick HERE to order

Sweets & Treats!

For over 20 years, Warm Wishes has been South Florida's PREMIER Gift basket supplier. But what if there's just a little something special you want to send? Not a whole basket, but a simple, delicious treat? Now you can order direct! Fudge, cookies, vegan treats, gluten free name it!  More treats added all the time!

Biscoff AMAZINGLY Delicious Cookies   $10.59

You LOVE them on the plane -- get a supply for HOME! 96 original size single cookies (26.4 ounces total), Europe’s original coffee cookie, made with cinnamon and other spices. Non-GMO; No artificial colors/preservatives; Nut-Free. Product of Belgium.   Click HERE to order

Green Pea Cookies 

Gourmet Yummy Vegan Cookies 100% Handmade - Soy Free, Dairy Free, Plant Based 36 cookies per box. Handmade in San Francisco and owned by 2 women. Each cookie is handcrafted to perfection in the San Francisco Bay Area using an original recipe from Singapore. GUILT FREE SNACKING: Dairy Free. Soy Free. Naturally Vegan. Locally Produced. No Trans Fat. No Artificial Preservatives. No Artificial Anything. Taste is so great that you would never know it was a vegan cookie. Creamy texture like butter. Each recipe is carefully calibrated with the best, 5 simple ingredients. One box holds 36 cookies, made with peas and love. Higher protein and lower sugar content than most cookies. 150 calories per serving of 5 cookies. Our original green pea cookie is sweet, salty and crunchy, guaranteed to please even pea haters! Like a crunchy vegan shortbread. Enjoy with tea, wine and ice cream. $18      Click HERE to order

Gardiners of Scotland Belgian Dark Chocolate Fudge   $16.89

28-30 individually wrapped pieces. Delicious dark chocolate. Who could resist? Click HERE to order