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Merman Orlando

Orlando - Brand NEW Limited Edition Merman

We at Warm Wishes were truly heartbroken with the recent mass shooting in Orlando that claimed 49 lives and left over 50 injured. And. while we don't typically do things to capitalize on tragedy, one of our favorite suppliers just came up with an awesome way to actually HELP the families of the victims.

Meet Merman Orlando -- Orlando holds a cracked heart in his hand for the heartbreak that all feel, wears a black arm band with 6 jewels in the rainbow colors, has a tattoo on his shoulder of a black ribbon with the message of, "more love. less hate" and his tail is painted proudly in the rainbow colors.

This Limited Edition piece will be arriving in our warehouse on or around December 1. Once the 2,500 units from this shipment are sold out, no more will be available as the mold will be destroyed, never to be used again.

The Manufacturer will be donating a portion of the proceeds from Orlando, to OneOrlando, which was set up by the Mayor of Orlando, where all donations go directly to the family of the victims and the survivors. Disney donated $1 million to this fund within the first week.

While it is early to be thinking about your holiday gifts, take a moment. We're sure you know someone who would treasure Orlando.

Order your Limited Edition "Orlando" today so you are assured you'll get him. We appreciate the support for this cause and know your clients, friends, family and collectors will love him!