Ghostly Goodies

This gem of a gift basket offers ghostly goodies galore, in a gorgeous gift arrangement that they are sure to adore!  Scare up some smiles with this hauntingly delicious collection of goodies which include, “Hob Gobbles” nutty Snack Mix with sweet candy mixed in, Ghost Marshmallow Peeps, a pumpkin tote filled with delicious Autumn Candy Mix, Caramel Chocolates, Halloween themed Shortbread Cookies, gourmet Halloween pops in fun and festive shapes, flavors and colors, Chocolate Mint Delights, Milk Chocolate covered Almonds, assorted Cocoas, and Apple Spice Cookies!        $58

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If you would like to make their Halloween spooktacular, than this large basket of treats is sure to do the trick!No bones about it, this gift will thrill anyone from little ghouls and goblins to us old bats and crows! This large gift basket features an adorable 12" witch bear who is so cute it's scary, a spooky glass and metal spider decoration, "Hob Gobbles" gourmet Snack Mix, Crackers, Cheese Spread, Popcorn mixed with cashews covered in creamy white fudge, Cinnamon Vanilla Dunk Cookies, a jar of delicious and creamy Chocolate Fondue Dip, Cookies with a creamy chocolate center, Halloween Twirl Pops, and assorted Halloween Candy! What a delightful brew for the whole family -- or the whole office!!    $70

Everyone loves matter their age. So why not send over some TREATS to celebrate all things chocolate and gooey and sweet and autumn-ish?

Trick or Treat?

These Halloween gift baskets are sure to please any little ghost or goblin, or send this Halloween gift basket for adults to enjoy.
No trick, sending this unique gift arrangement to their door for Halloween is sure to be the best treat of all!  It features a heavy duty designer gift box with a eye-catching chalkboard Halloween design, which arrives piled high with a delicious selection of sweet treats!  This gift is so cool its almost spooky!  Hurry and get yours today for Halloween before the disappear! These Halloween gift baskets include: "Hob Gobbles" Caramel Corn and Nut Mix, Creamy Chocolate Fudge, Pumpkin Pie Cookies, Assorted Hard Candy, More Creamy Fudge, Crème Brulee Cookies with White Chocolate Cream Cheese & Caramel Drizzle, Chocolate Ganache Dessert Cookies, Chocolate Wafer Cookies, Cookies with Swiss Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate Decorations    $65

Tub 'O Halloween Fun!

It's a party in a pail!  They will overjoyed to discover this huge pail of delicious Halloween goodies delivered to their door!  This is a great gift for the whole family to enjoy!  This gift includes: A Melamine Trick or Treat Tub touse year after year....Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn, Halloween Party Mix With M&M's, Halloween Shortbread Cookies, Ghost Peeps, Caramel Cheesecake Dessert Cookies, Apple Pie Cookies With A White Chocolate Cream Cheese Topping and A Caramel Drizzle, Pumpkin Pie Cookies With A Cream Cheese Topping and a White Chocolate Nutmeg Drizzle,, Cinnamon Pecan Cookie Straws, Toasted Almond Cookie Straws, Old Fashioned Peanut Brittle, Gourmet Caramel Corn, Swiss Petite Fruit Candy, Swedish Fish Candy, Candy Corn, Pecan Log Roll
Sunny Seed Drops (Candy Coated Sunflower Seeds), Caramel Filled Milk Chocolate Apples, Funky and Fun Keepsake Halloween Black Cat and Plush Jack-o-Lantern Friends  $140


This Boo-tiful Haloween gift basket features a ceramic ghost planter filled with "Tricky Treats" gourmet snack mix, a ghost lollypop and three types of cocoa; the planter sits atop two gift boxes filled with Maple Walnut Shortbread Cookies, Belgian Truffles, Cinnamon Glazed Pecans, assorted Fruit flavored Hard Candy, Butterscotch Hard Candy and Brach's Autumn Mix of Candy Corn and Pumpkins! Now that's worth saying Trick-or-Treat for!  $65